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Dequan & Daquan are twin pandas born in Oakland, CA.   Their mother, Chun immigrated to the USA to work as a performer in the Oakland Zoo.  That is where Chun met her husband, Daniel.  When Chun became pregnant, she decided to name her baby Daquan; combining the Chinese word "quan" which means "spring" (her own name Chun means "spring" as well) and
"Da" from "Daniel".   To their surprise, they had twins!  To differentiate between the two, she changed the "Da" to "De" for her other baby boy.


Dequan and Daquan couldn't be more different despite their very similar appearance.  To make sure people could tell them apart, they started combing their hair in opposite directions.  Dequan combs his hair to the left (our right), and is funny, socialable and loves to go out.  Daquan combs his hair to the right (our left), and is more shy, reserved and a helpless romantic!


Both boys are incredibly strong, and were later recruited by Dante turtle whose blossoming music career required the need for bodyguards.   They are currently on tour with Dante keeping his fans at bay!  Don't be afraid to approach them though - they give bear hugs for free.  

Birthday: June 15

Zodiac: Gemini

Hometown:  Bamboo Forest

Hobbies: Wrestling

Favorite Food: Bamboo Leaves




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