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Dylan is a great white shark who was born in the Pacific Ocean in an area known as the “White Shark Café”.  He has two brothers and is the youngest of three.  Dylan is family oriented, but also loves being on his own and independent.  He functions best in environments that are serene and harmonious.   He is much like the rolling waves of the sea, and his emotions can make quite a splash!  That being said, Dylan can be quite moody.  Look at those teeth!  However, give Dylan some space, and he will come out to play again.  He really has a heart of gold!



Dylan wants to be an architect someday.  He loves design and his ultimate goal is to revolutionize the Ocean floor by designing ocean structures that are modern, sleek and meet the demand of the extremely diverse ocean population.

Birthday: July 19

Zodiac: Cancer

Hometown: White Shark Cafe

Hobbies: Design/Architecture
Favorite Food: Sushi


(DIL en) 


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