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How often are new characters made?

There's no definitive answer to that question - characters are released as they are created... sometimes more often than other times.

Which characters are the most popular?

It really is down to the print/design and the time.  Some days one character is more popular than the other and then next thing you know it's a full 360.


I have an awesome character I’d like to share with you.  Can I e-mail it to Ouchii and have it produced?

Ouchii's characters are created solely by us.  We are open however, to designs featuring our characters that have already been established.  Hit up our contact section and share what you have in mind.


How do you come up with the characters?

True story - a lot of their personalities and profiles are based on people that have been in my life for many years.


How do your clothes fit?  Do you have a size chart?

Ouchii prints on high quality garments with soft fabrics.   We have various fits for our garments that range depending on numerous factors such as the print design and print methods.

Can you guys make ______________ design for me?  Do you do custom?

We do not offer customized garments that require additional design work, but we are able to print your favorite design on demand.  Contact us for more information!


Do you guys take returns?

To ensure our garments and products remain at their top quality, no we do not.  We do, however take exchanges should the garment not fit.  

Are your prices in store the same as online?

For the most part, yes.

Are the sales you offer in store available online?

No, they are not.  Promotions online and in store differ.

I broke my sunglasses.  Can I return them?

No, you can't.  Sunglasses are fragile - especially ones made of wood.  They require maintenance and good care.  We do, however understand accidents happen.  As such, we offer an "Oopsie" policy.  Should your sunglasses break due to an accident, you may bring the pair back and purchase a new pair for half the retail price.  

If the sunglasses you had originally purchased are no longer in stock, you may select a pair that is currently in stock and pay half the amount.


You forgot to package an item with my order!  Where is it?

Accidents happen!  Please shoot us an e-mail and we can sort it out.

Where can I find shipping information?

Our current shipping rates can be found in our Customer Service section.

Can I exchange items I bought online in store?

Yes, you can.  Please bring a copy of your online invoice.

I bought a shirt online and it doesn't fit.  How can I exchange it?

You have to ship the item back to us along with a printed copy of your original order.  Once received, we will send you an invoice for payment to ship back to you.  No other additional charges aside from shipping will be added to your order.  Or, you can print out your online order receipt and exchange your tee at the Ouchii Boutique.  For more information, please visit the Customer Service section. 

Can I buy something online at and have it picked up at one of the mall locations?  No.

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