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Kaito is a young octopus from Bubble Reef, Japan.  He has one younger sister named Kairi, and an older brother named Genji.  Kaito lives with his grandparents in his house that's made entirely of coral!  


Kaito was born with only six legs, which immediately set him apart from other Octopuses at his school.  His unusual appearance actually made Kaito a lot more imaginative and creative when it came to drawing.  His drawings were a big "splash" at school, and Kaito's art became famous in Bubble Reef.


Intuitive and kind, Kaito truly is wonderful friend and artist.  Maybe he can draw your portrait someday!

Birthday: February 28

Zodiac: Pisces

Hometown: Bubble Reef

Hobbies: Swimming + Drawing

Favorite Food: Nori


(Kai Tow) 


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