New Pre-Orders and Stuff...

Hey Ouchii fam!

I have a few items that are up for preorder! I know what you're thinking: Why preorder?

Some advantages to preordering are:

  • A guaranteed size.

  • A cut of a garment that we wouldn't normally produce (for example - if you prefer a womens cut or v-neck cut that we don't plan on having, pre-ordering in advance can allow for things like that to happen. You can message me to inquire about that). Since we are printing the new design, it's really easy to just add an extra random garment to the pile.

  • Helps us fund the initial purchase/fund of new shirts.

  • Free gifts! (I usually like to put some extra freebies in your package as a thank you)

  • Discounts - Discounts galore! You can either use a free shipping ($5 off) coupon at check out: "dante4ever" -or- you can use any of our new Ouchii representatives/promoters "rep" codes t