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Snapback Spotlight: Kaito Ganado

Hey guys! I'm happy to share one of our new snapback options that features our very first original character, Kaito! The brim features the same "Ganado" print that the mega popular Anoki snapback had in red, but this snapback features it in blue - a perfect fit for Kaito (he is blue, after all).

What is ganado, anyway?

Ganado is the correct term for prints that originate from rug weaving techniques with the Navajo in the 1800s. The popular print style features diamonds, crosses and bands!

A common misconception is that all our designs are only Asian or Pacific Islander inspired, when in reality, I am inspired by so many different cultures and styles - the ganado print being one of them. :-)

The hat retails for $32.99 and available while supplies last. All Kaito ganado snapbacks will ship with a kaito sticker!

Hope all is well with you all,

Many hugs,

XO Alvin

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