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Bae Poly Tee + Tanks!

One of Ouchii's traditions every summer is to bring back one of our characters and give them an island spin. We first started with Dante, Daquan, Omari and Nalu receiving their Poly designs back in 2014, last summer, we revived all 4 prints at Great Mall and added Candi to the mix for the ladies. This year, Anoki received a Poly print, and now it's Bae's turn!

When Bae the penguin first launched I designed him decked out in gold. One, because I love gold and two, he is an aspiring rapper after all. I knew going in it wouldn't be a print for everyone, but hey, if I thought it was cool, there has to be other people who thought the same. Needless to say, he did well. That isn't to say that there weren't a few critics who wished he was released in another option. Hopefully this one is for you!

The design features two of my favorite island prints - our Hawaiian floral print and the waves print we've used for several of our other designs in the past year. Together, they are a lot of fun.

Available in both a tee and a tank, they retail for $24.99. Use promo code "SUMMATIME" at checkout and receive 15% off. Offer expires soon, don't wait on it!

Mahalo fam!


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