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The Anoki Classic... is back!

When I created Anoki last year, I knew right away that I made something special. I typically will have that feeling with every character I create, but with Anoki (and Ranako and Dante) I knew I had created a character that not only will be a hit for us, but would also connect with a lot of people. With that being said, we have brought Anoki's classic print back - modified slightly, and with two color options! The black option for the Anoki classic tee will be available at both our mall pop up shops this Friday, and is already available in our online shop! The maroon option is an online exclusive, and is available right now, and will ship immediately. We also brought an Anoki snapback back! The Anoki grey snapback is back at our pop up shops and available online now, while supplies last.

#Anoki #snapback

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