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Hello, December.

I can't believe December is here and in a few short weeks 2016 will come to a close.  It's been a fantastic year for us here at Ouchii, and there is lots of exciting news waiting on the horizon to share.

Just a few updates for you all:  

I've received a few emails in regards to the Kanagawa crewnecks, and just wanted to assure all of you who preordered that they are in production and on schedule with the dates promised.  Hey will all ship out by Friday afternoon and for those who did not preorder, they will be available in store that night.  The perfect Christmas gift for the Ouchii fan - and I know several of you preordered for that reason specifically.  No worries!   They'll be in.  :-)

I added a few new snapbacks into our online store and pop ups as well.  Check em out if you're looking for a new SnapBack or looking for gifts.

Dante Vinyl toys are still in production!  These will hopefully be in toward the end of the month.

Hope all is well with you all, and definitely hope to see you guys during the busy shopping weekends ahead.

With love and mad respect,

- Alvin / @theouchiiguy

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