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Our first toy... ever.

It's one hour into the new year here in California, and what better time to release Ouchii's first. toy. ever. I've always known that I wanted to do a vinyl toy since the moment Ouchii started. The logistics of getting something like a toy made though is not an easy process - it's long, stressful and most definitely expensive to do.

With that said, it seemed like now was the right time. I'm always thinking about what to invest in next and the vinyl toy was something that I knew our regular customers would love, new customers would be fascinated by and I personally just really wanted for myself. This toy is my crowning achievement. I have never been so proud of my work in my life.

So I've been documenting the process of how I got the toy made on Instagram, and I'll be posting additional blogs throughout the week with pictures to show how it evolved from a sketch to a 3d figure for purchase. In the meantime, here are the details for the figure: The figure is 3 inches tall, and individually painted; every single toy is unique. They are vinyl plastic and this first run is limited to 1000 pieces! Each toy is embossed with our Ouchii logo on one foot, and the other with "1st Edition, 1000 pieces" to let the world know you got the first batch of toys Ouchii made.

They retail for $17.50. Online pre-sales start NOW and ship Tuesday! All pre-sales will include a mystery Hawaiian sticker pack. Click here to take a look. The toys debut in our pop up locations Friday afternoon/early evening. Sticker pack not included in store. I can't wait for these toys to make it out into the world throughout the week, and I look forward to sharing how I made this toy a reality through the upcoming blog posts. Have an amazing first day of 2017, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Alvin / @theouchiiguy

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