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New Year, New Goodies!

Hi all,

I am writing you from my living room couch... where I've been laying for a good 5 hours (or so). I think I have a stomach flu, and man, it is not pleasant. The upside to being couch-ridden is I have time to blog / send out a newsletter, so here's what I've been up to: Designing! I have 3 designs in the pipeline, one of which is the "Yatta" print which I put up for pre-order last week. I took the pre-orders down, as they are currently in production and will be released next Friday. The other two... stay tuned :-)


We have two new lanyards for 2017! The one pictured to the left follows our tradition of having an annual lanyard with all our characters up until the time of its creation... which means all 14 characters are present and accounted for.

We also have a brand new lanyard featuring Ouchii's version of the Splash brothers! Perfect for any Warriors fan!

Snapbacks! We have a ton of snapbacks that have been released - classic designs, throwbacks and some new. Below are just a few of the options. Check out our snapback section to check out all the latest.

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