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Fearless Spider

So here's an art piece I've been working on over the last few weeks. Every year I do a graffiti assignment with my high school students - last year I did a Stitch one from Lilo & Stitch and this year I decided to do a Spiderman themed one inspired by the new Spiderman animated film. Typically I don't finish the examples but there was something about this one that was really cool and so I continued to push forward in between helping students. Entirely done in color pencil, the text says "Fearless" which I felt was fitting for the hero. Miles Morales is drawn in my signature style with an enlarged head and stylized body. The colors consist heavily of magentas, and blues which was heavily lifted from the style of the film. Inside the text features a silhouette of New York City (including the Statue of Liberty and twin towers as a tribute). I am so happy with how it turned out. A few people asked if I'd be willing to print copies for them onto tees so I went ahead and threw it into the online store temporarily. Have a great day everyone! x Alvin / @theOuchiiGuy Follow me on instagram for more sneak peaks into my world!

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