• Alvin

Yes, We are still in business. Lol

Hi everyone,

I've been getting e-mails calls about what is going on with Ouchii. I did send out an e-mail over a month ago explaining our restructure, here is a recap, as well as an update:

If you drive by our boutique, located at 75 Dempsey Road, Milpitas, you may notice that it looks like a hurricane happened inside. That is no mistake, and intentional. As planned, we are moving out since our lease is officially over!

Online pick ups moving forward will be in our pop up shop, now located in Eastridge Mall inside our partner (and dear brother's) printing shop, Hella Tees! We/They are open 6 days a week: Monday through Saturday, which makes it even easier to pick up versus our previous schedule of only weekends! Please be patient while I give the pop up there a bit of a facelift. :-)