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Happy Lunar New Year

Hi everyone! Lots of change in 2020 for us, if you haven't already noticed! We are continuing to restructure to focus on our online growth and figuring out what makes the most sense for in person pick ups. Please continue to head over to Eastridge with our friends at Hella Tees for pick ups! This will remain the same up until early summer.


Have you met my latest character, Ikaika? It's been a tradition the last few years for me to create a character that coincides with the Lunar New Year animals. Ikaika, an adorable rat is a personal trainer. Learn more about him by reading his online bio!


I also wanted to take some time to acknowledge how amazing our customers are - both local and our friends far away. Thank you for your patience while we continue our journey. Have a fantastic lunar new year, x Alvin @theOuchiiGuy

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