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I don't know about you all, but January felt like one really long, long, looooong month. One positive aside from the release of our new character Ikaika, was the birthdays of THREE of our other veteran characters! January 14th marked our teacher in training monkey, Ranako's birthday! He officially joined the Ouchii line up in 2015! January 25th marked our PE teacher / happy corgi pup, Akio's birthday! He officially joined the Ouchii line up in early 2019 and quickly became one of our most popular characters! January 29th marked our chef lion, Omari's birthday! Omari was one of my 6 original characters from when I started way back in 2013! I always envisioned him to have this swagger about him... the Renaissance lion if you will. January 30th marked Jun + Jiro's, birthday a fun set of clouds who help bring harmony over my Ouchii World universe. Something fun about these two is they are the first non "animal" Ouchii character. To celebrate my wonderful creations, I am doing a one day 25% sale on our entire store! Use promo code "BIRTHDAYBASH" and save instantly! Promo code will expire tomorrow morning. Thank you all for loving my characters as much as I loved making them! x Alvin @theOuchiiGuy

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