Want to be a part of the Ouchii team and earn free goodies?  This awesome opportunity doesn't require too much time out of your busy day and is an easy way to get some of your favorite Ouchii merchandise for free!  See below for details and apply now.

  • Apply to become a rep by filling out the application.

  • Go on our Instagram to follow us, and then tag 3 friends on any of our posts.

  • If accepted, you will receive a unique rep code.

  • Share your rep code on all your favorite social media.

  • When one of our customers uses your rep code during checkout, they will get 15% off their total order and you will earn Ouchii points!

  • Use your Ouchii points to redeem in our online store for free goods!

  1. How are reps selected?
    Reps are selected based on a variety of criteria which I won't bore you with.  One large contributing factor to your being selected is your online presence.  "How do you carry yourself on your social media profiles?  How active are you on social media?  How many followers do you have? " are just a few questions I consider while looking through your application.  

  2. How do Ouchii points work?
    For every online purchase that totals $15.00 or more, pre tax, you will earn 1 Ouchii point.  $50.00 or more will get you 2 Ouchii points.  One Ouchii point is worth $3.00 store credit that is redeemable in our online shop!

    So for example, if you get two customers to spend at least $15 each, you get 2 ouchii points ($6 store credit).  You can save up as many points as you wish to get more expensive items or spend as you go.  ^_^

  3. How do I get people to use my rep code?
    There's no one way to do this.  I'd start by sharing your code with your family and friends who would be into our brand.  You can also ask them to share the code with their friends and family.  You can also update your social media profiles with your rep code so that it is clearly visible along with a link to our site!

  4. How do customers use my rep code?
    When a customer is ready to check out, they need to enter your rep code under the coupons section before they process their payment.  This is extremely important! They must enter the code correctly in order to receive their 15% off and more importantly, for you to receive your Ouchii points.

  5. Can a customer use a coupon in addition to my rep code?
    Since the customer is using your rep code, they cannot enter additional coupons.

  6. Is there an online portal where I can check my Ouchii point balance?  
    Not at the moment.  Maybe someday!  You can shoot us a DM on IG, Twitter, Facebook or via our contact e-mail form.

  7. How do I apply to be a rep?
    Lol... omg.  Click here to apply.