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Candika “Candi” Elephant is an aspiring fashion designer from Rainbow Forest.  She is the only child and lives with her mother, Aikya.  


From a young age, Candi demonstrated an immediate love for dressing her toys with the most fierce and fabulous designs she created from scraps of old clothing.  Eventually, Candi's mother enrolled her in after school fashion design classes and not long after, Candi began making her own clothes as well as her friends’ clothing.  


As an elephant, she is very aware of her size and embraces the curves of the elephant body.  She designs for animals of ALL shapes and sizes and ensures that her designs can be worn by all animals.  Candi hopesto make it to New York fashion week someday to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Birthday: August 14

Zodiac: Leo

Hometown: Rainbow Forest

Hobbies: Fashion Design & Sewing

Favorite Food: Roti


(KAN dee) 

"Fierce Goddess"

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