Simple, cute, one size fits most and it matches all your favorite outfits - Ouchii or otherwise.  

They are printed directly by Alvin / @theOuchiiGuy and ships the next business day!


This last year has been a whirlwind. Between deciding to pull out from the malls and finally deciding to close our boutique to restructure and grow online as sales trends change and more and more people are migrating online, we now have a crazy pandemic in the form of COVID-19 that has rocked the world.  The virus is wreaking havoc everywhere, and California is no exception.

Due to the virus, Santa Clara County shut down all non-essential businesses and as such, we are unable to process orders where items need to be made on demand due to all our vendors we do business with are closed by law.  Our plans to partner with Japan town has to be placed on hold as well.  To say this is a stressful time for small businesses is an understatement to say the least.  

So I figured now, more than ever would be a good time to take down our website until we are able to resume operations as normal.  All orders that were placed have already been put in motion and the garments are waiting to be printed at our shop, so I thank you in advance for your patience.

Items we do have in stock and that are ready to ship can be found below, and may still be purchased for shipment.  If you select store pick up, you will not be able to retrieve it until our quarantine is lifted in the Bay Area.

Thanks again for all your support!

Alvin / @theouchiiguy



The following items are in stock and ship immediately.  


Your water bottle is looking kinda basic...


UnitySJ, a local organization that assists small businesses in the Bay Area.

We've partnered with UnitySJ to help small businesses like ours survive the rough SIP guidelines!  

Every purchase made there benefits a small business of your choice, ours included!  Two unique Ouchii designs are currently available there as an exclusive.