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Birthday: July 1

Zodiac: Cancer

Hometown: Pineapple River

Hobbies: Surfing + Dancing

Favorite Food: Musubi


(nah loo)

"Beautiful Waves + Surf"

“Nalu” Nalunani is a duckbilled platypus who was born in Australia and raised in Pineapple River, Hawaii.  Nalu loves to go swimming on a daily basis, often swimming for hours each time!  


After a few years he grew tired of only swimming and decided to learn how to surf the waves of the Pacific Ocean!  His stepmother Aleia bought him his first surfboard and enrolled him in surfing lessons.  It only took a few sessions before his natural talent took over!


His best friend is Akahele, who just so happens to be his stepbrother! Together they dance in a hip hop group called Tribal Harmony.  Nalu is loyal, caring and responsible, but also likes to cause mischief with his brother so keep an eye out!

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