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(oh MAR ee)

"Populous + Flourishing"

Omari is a lion who comes from a large family… in fact, he is one of eight siblings (and is the only boy)!  Originally from the Sahara Desert, Omari’s family lived in a humble grassfield setting. None of Omari's seven sisters enjoyed to cook, and would often order out for food.  Ironically enough, Omari demonstrated an impressive ability to cook from the moment he was able to pick up a spatula while still a young cub. 


Omari spent most of his elementary years perfecting his craft, which he later dubbed the "Omari Touch".  His skills in the kitchen make him quite popular with the girls, and Omari never got tired of the attention!  


Omari and his family now live in Sunshine Village in hopes that Omari's career as a famous chef takes off!

Birthday: January 29

Zodiac: Aquarius

Hometown: Sunshine Village

Hobbies: Cooking + Flirting
Favorite Food: Pasta Carbonara


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