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"Strong, heroic, masculine"

Taro is part dragon, part dinosaur.  He identifies as a "dinogon" The Dinogons were once thought extinct - up until Taro surprised Ouchii World by unexpecetedly emerging from the Sea of Japan.  


He's never been a 'school' dinogon, and traditional college was a definite 'no' for him.  As such, his parents sent him to the surface to attend art school - as he is an aspiring photographer and videographer!

He has a biting sense of humor and is very sarcastic.  He loves to lead, and will often take leadership roles at school and work.  

Someday he'd love to own his own photography studio where he can photograph client's portraits!

Birthday: August 27

Zodiac: Virgo

Hometown: Bobaville, Sea of Japan

Hobbies: Photography

Favorite Food: Anything spicy!

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