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Akio is a corgi pup from who is smart, funny and extremely playful!  He currently resides in Mochi Mountain with his parents, Liam who works construction and his mom, Aiko who is a personal banker!  


Some of Akio's hobbies include singing karaoke, playing board games and making new friends.  Akio also loves to exercise, often going on fun hikes and loves to play basketball with his best friend Ranako!  Akio is extremely competitive, so beware!

Someday, Akio would like to be a PE teacher and get married to his long time long distance girlfriend, Alani whom he met while vacationing in Hawaii!

Birthday: January 25

Zodiac: Aquarius

Hometown: Mochi Mountain

Hobbies: Karaoke & Board Games

Favorite Food: Takoyaki



"Bright Man"

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