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Dante is a giant sea turtle who was born a lot tinier than his kind. Don’t be fooled by his size however, because his talents are larger than life!  


Dante lives with his father at Melodies Beach, Mexico where he produces music for the local talent in his spare time.  Dante is a big fan of music in general, often listening to his favorite songs on his ipod.  He enjoys going to concerts with his friends, and often will sing in front of his classmates at Paradise High School.  Dante inherited his musical gifts from his father, Enrique, who used to tour Mexico with his band, "Turtle Fusion."  


Someday, Dante would like to move to LA to produce his own album of original beats that incorporates his Sea Turtle roots!

Birthday: October 28

Zodiac: Scorpio

Hometown: Melodies Beach

Hobbies: Music Producing

Favorite Food: Guacamole


(DON tay) 


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