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Bae is a penguin originally from Heartbeat Terrace in Seoul, Korea. He the youngest of seven penguins born to his parents, Sun & Jin.   From the get go, all of Bae's teachers noticed he had a natural affinity for writing poetry.  His mad writing skills eventually led Bae to the stage where he'd perform spoken word verses as well as rap for his friends and family.  


His talents eventually led to his discovery by red hot producer and artist, Dante who signed him to his label, Honu Rock Records.  Bae's stage name is B. Smooth for his silky smooth vocals and suave personality.  Bae is currently working on his first studio album and will feature red hot collaborations with Dante, as well as many of the other artists on the Honu Rock roster.  

Birthday: August 21

Zodiac: Leo

Hometown: Heartbeat Terrace

Hobbies: Rapping, Poetry Writing

Favorite Food: Nigiri and Ramen




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