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Ani is a koala bear who lives in Eucalyptus forest with her fathers.  Ani was adopted from an orphanage center in Australia.  


Ani loves to write, and wants to be a journalist when she grows up.  She is a firm believer in nature preservation and often writes about it in her diary.  Her young age doesn't stop her from voicing her opinions (whether popular or not) and will often protest on behalf of the environment.  


In her sparetime, she writes to her pen pal Candi, whom she had met while on vacation with her dads in India.  They share a passion for ice cream and boys, and Ani is helping Candi develop an entire line of clothing that uses all recycled materials.  

Birthday: March 10

Zodiac: Pisces

Hometown: Eucalyptus Forest

Hobbies: Journalism

Favorite Food: Tofu


(AH nee)

"Grace + Favor"

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