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New Year, New Ouchii & Happy MLK Day!

Happy belated New Year Ouchii fam!

I am happy to share some updates with you all. First up: we have a new layout for our website! I spent all day cleaning up and condensing certain sections, adding new features and simplifying our overall look. I like the new look! Sleek, a bit understated but fun. More importantly, I wanted to go with a little more of a mature look. Well... mature with some kawaii shiz thrown in. That is what we're all about after all.

Second up: We have LANYARDS! Yes, we now have an official Ouchii lanyard that features all 10 characters. Perfect for your keys or ID badges, and of course, they are one of a kind. They are available now in our online store for $6.99. Use promo code "DUBS" to get free shipping. You can click here to go to the product listing directly.


Third: We also have some Ouchii SUNGLASSES! Geez, I should probably relax on buying inventory, but I couldn't resist. These will be perfect for summer. I am just waiting to photograph them properly before releasing them. No rush - it's still cold. Be on the look out!

Fourth: Ouchii wallets are on their way. These are going to be pretty damn cool. Stay tuned.

Fifth: We have a pre-order listing set up for our DUBS tees and hoodies! These sold out during the holiday season really quick, and these shirts will be reprinted. Check out our online store to see the different fits we have available and reserve yours now! These will be shipped out immediately once they arrive.


Sixth: Happy MLK Day! I hope you all take some time to do something you love today.



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