New Year, New Ouchii & Happy MLK Day!

Happy belated New Year Ouchii fam!

I am happy to share some updates with you all. First up: we have a new layout for our website! I spent all day cleaning up and condensing certain sections, adding new features and simplifying our overall look. I like the new look! Sleek, a bit understated but fun. More importantly, I wanted to go with a little more of a mature look. Well... mature with some kawaii shiz thrown in. That is what we're all about after all.

Second up: We have LANYARDS! Yes, we now have an official Ouchii lanyard that features all 10 characters. Perfect for your keys or ID badges, and of course, they are one of a kind. They are available now in our online store for $6.99. Use promo code "DUBS" to get free shipping. You can click here to go to the product listing directly.