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Welcome, Bae!

Everytime I create a new character to bring into the fold it always is a very special process. First and foremost I need to be inspired. That often happens on the day to day. What's interesting is you'd be surprised how many times I start a character only to not finish him (or her).

... So when I actually do finish one it really is a testament to how much love I have for the character and its design.

What's even cooler is creating fascinating back stories to bring these characters to life. And with Bae, Ouchii's brand new penguin, it really was a blast from the beginning to the end of his creation.

As with all our other characters, Bae is now available for the first time on a tee! The tee features him with his "BOSS" gold chain and gold microphone in hand ready to rock a stage. His tee will be available once the shop opens for business tomorrow morning at 10 AM at the Great Mall. For you online shoppers who live afar or who can't make it to the shop anytime soon, this weekend Bae's tees are 20% off! No promo code needed.

Want to know more about Bae? What his favorite dish is? His stage name? Click on the little guy below to read his profile!

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