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Sunday Thoughts

Sitting here on this beautiful sunny January Sunday in my living room/office hybrid after some good ole' cleaning. It's freakishly quiet and calm; the only ambient noise is some wind chimes I can hear from our neighbor and the dishwasher running.

It feels really good to be alive. The last few days I've been sick and coughing uncontrollably - without a doubt one of the few downsides of being a teacher by day. So to be able to sit here in this incredibly peaceful environment on my laptop and blog with most of my agenda items checked off feels great.

I am writing today because I am inspired. Chris Pratt shared the following quote four days ago:

"I am doing what I love. It doesn't feel like work. Even though it is. I'm having fun. I'm overcome with joy and gratitude. I felt like posting this to say to anyone out there chasing your dream...Fifteen years ago I felt the same passion I feel today, but I had very little opportunity. I had to hustle hard and go hungry. I had to eat sardines and figure out how to get gas money. And I never had a plan B," the actor continued. "I never stopped believing. Ever. Don't give up. Apply constant pressure for as long as it takes. It will break before you do. Go get it.""

As a small business owner, the quote spoke to me in volumes.

Ouchii means so much to me. It is my baby - my art - and one of the most important things in my life that makes me happy.

Thank you, Chris Pratt. I will continue to push forward through the best of times and the hardest, because getting my art out there and sharing my character stories with the world is part of my life story and what I am meant to do.

I hope you all are doing something you love to do, either right now in this moment or on the regular.

Peace, love and many blessings to you,

x Alvin

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