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This week at Ouchii...

Hey all! Lot's of exciting news looms on the horizon, keep your eyes peeled.

As for this week:

Back by popular demand, our Anoki Ganado snapback is back in limited quantities! When first released, it was an exclusive to our retail pop up store at Great Mall in Milpitas. This is the first time it is available online. If you like what you see, I'd get it while you can. As most of you all know, lots of our items -especially our snapbacks with cool patterns like these - tend to go rather quickly and usually don't return.

New keychains arrived online and in store as well as online this week as well! The first two keychains in a new set (the plan is to release all our characters), they retail for a very affordable price of $6.99 and feature a sick gold key ring. Dante and Ranako are the two available for now. :-)

Hope you're all doing great! And as always, much love and thanks.

x Alvin

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