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Snapback Spotlight: Ohana Hawaiian Red Snapback

Hey guys, Thea here! Blogging for the first time here at! (Oh my goodness, this is so nerve-wracking.) Well anyway I just wanted to share one of my favorite snapbacks that we have here at Ouchii!

This is our Ohana Hawaiian Red Snapback. We've actually had this print for a long time, probably like over a year. It's crazy because every time we have this print available, it sells out so quickly! It's definitely one of our most popular prints, which is probably the main reason why we keep bringing it back into our shops.

It features a unique red floral print on the brim, and "Ohana" in capital letters. To me, the word being capitalized emphasizes how important family is to the company. Every customer whom we interact with we treat as if they are our own family. In reality, our customers do become a part of the Ouchii family, helping us grow as a company and joining us on this wild and adventurous ride.

This snapback is available right now in our shops and online! Make sure you get yours before we sell out again! As Lilo says, "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." So for all of our ohana out there, thank you so much for your support!

xo Thea

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