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These are definitely off the (key)chains!

Hello friends, Thea here to catch you up on that "new new" at Ouchii!

Our collection of keychains are ever growing. Earlier this year we released a new set of collector's keychains starting off with Dante and Ranako. Now we have more! Since our initial release of this collection, we've added Anoki, Kaito, and Daquan along with our Curry MVP Collector's Keychain. Recently, we've acquired Omari and Dylan as well! Many of our customers in the shops have been raving about our newly added items.

We're always getting asked, "Will you be getting any more characters in soon?" And our answer is yes! With just a little bit of patience, we'll eventually have all characters available for you to add to your collection. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them. The keychains are now available in stores, so go and get yours!

x Thea

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