• Alvin

"Mahalo" by Bryce Fielding

It's not every day when you have a sales associate ask how it would be possible to submit a design for your label. Meet Bryce Fielding - one of my sales associates with a passion for the "Aloha" lifestyle and design. He is sports-oriented, with a love for basketball and baseball in particular (he played baseball for 12 years!) Giving Bryce an opportunity to grow was of utmost importance to me, and I am thrilled to have green-lit his project.

Ouchii [O]: What was your inspiration for the design?

Bryce [B]: My inspiration for the "Mahalo" Design came from me always being very into the Hawaiian culture and visiting almost every year. [O]: On a literal level, "Mahalo" means "Thank You" in English. What does "Mahalo" mean to you?

[B]: Mahalo means "thank you", but more importantly, gratitude and respect. It's about respecting others [O]: What was the most difficult part of designing the Mahalo print for you? The easiest?