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"Mahalo" by Bryce Fielding

It's not every day when you have a sales associate ask how it would be possible to submit a design for your label. Meet Bryce Fielding - one of my sales associates with a passion for the "Aloha" lifestyle and design. He is sports-oriented, with a love for basketball and baseball in particular (he played baseball for 12 years!) Giving Bryce an opportunity to grow was of utmost importance to me, and I am thrilled to have green-lit his project.

Ouchii [O]: What was your inspiration for the design?

Bryce [B]: My inspiration for the "Mahalo" Design came from me always being very into the Hawaiian culture and visiting almost every year. [O]: On a literal level, "Mahalo" means "Thank You" in English. What does "Mahalo" mean to you?

[B]: Mahalo means "thank you", but more importantly, gratitude and respect. It's about respecting others [O]: What was the most difficult part of designing the Mahalo print for you? The easiest?

[B]: The hardest part was creating a complex floral print that was busy but not too busy. The easiest was picking the colors for my design! I've always had a good eye for which colors go with each other. [O]: What made you decide to work for Ouchii?

[B]: At the time one of my best friends, Daniel was working at Ouchii and he recommended working there! I really needed a job so I thought, "Why not apply?". Since starting the job I have absolutely loved it and I believe I have grown a lot in just 2-3 months.

The "Mahalo" tee, by Bryce Fielding. Model: Ronald Camposanto. Photography & Styling by Alvin/@theouchiiguy.

[O]: What has been the most rewarding thing about working for us?

[B]: The ability to grow out of my shell. Coming in and working this type of job has made me a lot less shy, and helped me gain the confidence I really needed. Getting the job here has given me so many opportunities... and a whole family! Bryce will be attending Mission Community College in the fall while working at Ouchii. This is not the last you'll be hearing of him! Purchase the Mahalo tee online or in one of our pop up stores today!

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