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Meet our first "Dinogon!"

I am excited to share my 14th Ouchii character with all of you today, and his name is Taro! The first question some of my friends and Ouchii employees asked was "what is he?" Some thought he was a dinosaur, others thought he was an alligator... and the answer to that is he is neither. Taro's look was inspired by large japanese monsters and the villains in a Power Rangers series (among other things).

It wasn't even a question that he had to be green, and I thought making his mouth purple would be a good nod to the starchy root vegetable, taro. Taro flavored milk tea is also among my favorites.

I was thrilled to find out that "taro" can also mean strong male (太郎) in Japanese. I knew I wanted a character that wasn't a direct animal currently in existence to provide me a 100% free, creative experience. His name helped craft his look - someone who was a little more "meaty" and seemed ready to fight or have a good time.

The first Taro tee is available for pre-order for $24.99. All Taro tees will ship with a free 4" Taro vinyl sticker (the stickers alone retail for $2.99). Pre-orders end Monday!

Use promo code "DINOGON" to get 10% off your order.

Click here to read Taro's profile and shop Taro items!

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