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Christmas Tips

Hi everyone! Christmas is fast approaching and I just wanted to give you a few updates. The absolute last day to place online orders and to ensure they arrive prior to Christmas is Sunday, December 19. Any orders placed after that date cannot be guaranteed to arrive prior to Christmas Day. Online inventory is diminishing quick, and once store inventory runs low we will take any remaining online stock to the shops, so definitely don't wait too long if you've been holding out. Our top selling prints were ordered in extremely large amounts for the season as preparation, and all sizes are currently in stock at our shops. Kanagawa crewnecks are almost sold out, please give our stores a call to check for stock availability. If you're planning on shopping at our pop ups versus online, here are a few tips for you! Valley Fair Mall:

The mall is the worst during the early afternoon to about 7pm on the weekend. If you insist on coming on the weekend, I'd avoid Stevens Creek during those hours specifically and try to find access from other entry points into the mall. During the weekdays it isn't as bad, but the parking lot situation is definitely a nightmare at this mall. It isn't so much that there isn't enough parking - it's the fact that no one knows where to go with all the construction going on. Try to arrive early on in the day to avoid some frustration. Extended hours this weekend at Valley Fair:

TODAY thru this Sunday: 9AM - 10PM. Great Mall:

Like Great Mall, the worst hours to try to go are early afternoon (about 1:30-7:00 PM) The parking lot situation is no where near as bad as Valley Fair. A word of advice - avoid the entrance on Montague, and the entrance on Capitol Ave - most shoppers will attempt to load in through there. Drive further down on Capitol Ave, and turn right once you past the Home Depot and enter through that back entrance close to the other side of the movie theater - it's a lot less congested, and that tends to be where the most ample parking is. Extended hours this weekend at Great Mall:

TODAY thru this Sunday: 9AM - 10PM.

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