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Grand Opening Thank You!

This past Saturday was one of the most amazing days of my life - and definitely a milestone. On April 22nd, 2017 I officially opened the doors to my very first brick and mortar store - something that I had wished for and wanted for years. After years of hustling, and several months working on the actual unit itself, the Ouchii Boutique has come to fruition. I wanted to take a moment to just thank everyone who came to check out our boutique. It was amazing getting to meet so many of you who have been shopping with Ouchii for the last two years at Great Mall and Valley Fair. It occurred

to me that morning that any Ouchii pop up or event that happened post 2014, I seldom worked them and as a result I did not know a lot of our customers. So seeing so many of you roll up in your Ouchii tees, tanks and hats touched me in a way that I will remember for the rest of my life. While the future of retail is changing, and more and more young customers are moving online, I felt it was necessary for us to have a place where our regulars can continue to come in, feel the garments in their hands and try things on - and more importantly, feel at home. Our Great Mall Pop Up will continue to operate as always, and feature a selection of our designs, and the Boutique is officially open for business. The hours for the boutique are: Photo booth pictures are up on our Facebook (! Sorry if you came when the photo booth was blocked by the long lines or when the printer went down. If you have a moment, I would also appreciate if you left us a review on yelp! (

Again, thank you so much.

Love you all

x Alvin

P.S. - I've attached some of my favorite photos from this past weekend below. <3

The front of our store at night!

Signage for our front windows!

Crowds rushed our doors to get their hands on the Hawaiian Sticker Pack give away!

Mayor Rich Tran of Milpitas came to swing by and lend his support/give his blessing.

Crowds remained consistent through the early afternoon, and occasionally had spurts of crazy.

Our signature polaroid walls of our customers! Will be adding on!

The finished mural that I spent hours upon hours painting. We had a photobooth set up to take photos in front of it!

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